I can’t remember life before words. Quite literally.

I have no conscious memory of this, but according to my father, one day when I was four years old he was reading me a book and noticed my lips moving. Intrigued, he handed me the book and said, “Here, finish it.” And I did.

Of course you want to know my editorial qualifications—and I’ll give you those below. But the most important thing to know about me is that I’ve been in love with the glorious diversity of the English language for as long as I can remember. From reading the backs of cereal boxes at breakfast when I wasn’t allowed to bring books to the table, to picking up Brave New World when I was 11 because I liked the cover (completely unaware that it was a classic), to my overflowing bookshelves and RSS feedreader today, I have been steeped in an ocean of words for so long that I’m completely saturated.

I have been a freelance proofreader, copyeditor, and general wordsmith for over two decades. I am a graduate of the UC Berkeley Extension’s “Introduction to Copyediting” program, and I have passed numerous qualifying tests at a major university, several employment agencies, and many organizations.

I have used The Chicago Manual of Style, the AP Stylebook, and many proprietary stylesheets and style guides. And while I can certainly edit to any technical specifications you have, what I am best at (and enjoy most) is bringing a strong intuitive sense to your unique writing voice. I can quickly assimilate and incorporate your personal or corporate tone, whether it’s casual, professional, scholarly, humorous and flip, journalistic, chatty and friendly, written in long, flowing sentences with dense description or in terse sentence fragments . . . whatever your style, I can ensure that your words will always sound like your words. Just more polished.

For a more detailed description of the types of help I can I provide, and some of my past work for clients, please see my “Services” page.

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