These are the general types of services I provide for my clients:

  • proofreading

  • copy editing (line editing and/or deeper substantive editing)

  • full-manuscript developmental editing

  • writing/basic copywriting

  • organization (outlining, categorization, tagging, etc.)

Here is a representative sample of the diverse types of work I’ve performed for my clients:

Book Manuscripts

  • Proofread the manuscript of a first-time fiction novelist.
  • Proofread drafts of two non-fiction manuscripts throughout the revision process, including final page proofs, for a small independent publisher.
  • Created four original manuscript compilations drawn from multiple works of an author (three manuscripts were ultimately accepted and published by major U.S. and U.K. publishers).
  • Copyedited, and rewrote selected sections of, a non-fiction manuscript for a serial entrepreneur venturing into book publishing.


  • Proofread and edited static web pages, outgoing emails, and other promotional pieces for a growing martial arts studio.
  • Developed a list of post tags for a blogger, with respect to SEO keywords and internal blog search terms, and assigned these tags to over 100 past posts.
  • Developed lists of post categories for two different bloggers, with respect to user ease and clarity in blog navigation, and assigned them to all past posts.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Proofread PDF promotional brochure for academic consultant.
  • Proofread sales letter for telephony services provider.
  • Proofread detailed grocery product labels for an advertising firm.


  • Drafted and developed customized practice valuation reports for a dental practice valuation firm.
  • Drafted and developed comprehensive reviews of facilities for a home care industry consulting firm, utilizing a combination of boilerplate text and the reports of field investigators.


  • Proofread a scholarly manuscript about a 16th century poet for a major university press.
  • Wrote a mid-length book review of a literary novel for a major book review periodical.


  • Proofread more than a dozen expert witness reports by economists and other specialists for use as legal testimony.
  • Provided transcription of correspondence and legal pleadings for a legally savvy business owner who was both prosecuting and defending himself in multiple lawsuits.


  • Provided medical transcription for two private neurologists and for a medical transcription services provider.

If you have a specific need for a type of service not listed above, please contact me. This is not a complete list of the work I’ve done, and I am constantly expanding the range of projects I take on.

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