Here are some of the comments I’ve received on my work…

I’m the managing editor of and I’ve worked with Michelle since 2014 in her capacity as a copy editor and content writer.

She’s edited tens of thousands of words of original content for us, including posts for our main blog and training materials for our premium courses. She’s also written a number of highly popular posts on writing and grammar topics for our blog.

Michelle is highly professional in her approach and maintains an excellent standard of work. Her edits are always insightful and valuable and she adapts to the needs of different types of content easily. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michelle to anyone looking to ensure their content truly shines.

Editing of blog posts and course materials; original writing

Glen Long

Managing Editor

You are amazing! In addition to cleaning up the mechanics and organizing the thoughts, you have augmented and deepened the content in a number of ways.  I really am impressed at how in tune you are with my material and what I’m trying to say.  Where you’ve added content to bridge or clarify some of the ideas, my eyes popped open with wonder and excitement.  You really captured just what I wanted to communicate.  You got my message to shine through.

The difference between writing and teaching is so clear!  I can easily make the connections and fill in the gaps spontaneously when I teach or coach, but to call the important pieces out and link them together consistently and solidly on the page, with no students or clients to respond to . . . now that’s a whole other thing.  Thank you for doing that so beautifully!

Substantive editing of e-book

Naaz Hosseini

Voice Empowerment Coach | Psychotherapist | Owner, Powerful Presence

Michelle Russell was probably the best decision I’ve made for my business. Since first having her edit my email updates and re-do pages on my website, my conversion rates have shot up at least 20-30% from the sheer professionalism of her work. People have even commented on the difference in the way my messages come across!

I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to give their business or personal writing a very good tweak (and sometimes I even get her to write from scratch!). Michelle works very well with instructions (even does research on the subject you’re writing about if you want), and her turnaround time is awesome. She’s been very accessible, too, which is one of the most important things for me. I hate a business that doesn’t respond to my issues promptly, but I’ve never had that problem with Michelle.

In short, I’ve been using Michelle’s services for a while now, and I don’t see myself stopping for a very long time!

Line and substantive editing of website, e-mails and business collateral

Avraham Yemini

Owner, IDF Training, Melbourne, Australia

Words matter. A lot.

So I’m really picky about who I let proof the words I pen.

I have a fairly idiosyncratic writing style. I also have zero interest in working with proof-ey peeps who would try to coerce my words into conformity or make them a mirror reflection of So-and-So’s Elements of Style.

When I talked to Michelle about proofing some blog posts for me, I explained how important this was to me – that my writing not be dequirkified in the process of looking for typos and fuzzy bits.

She totally got it. And, more than that, she totally respected it.

Michelle was ace at finding typos. And if something was fuzzy, she’d catch it every time. But she never made suggestions that would funk up my rhythm or leave the piece sounding like someone else wrote it. That’s a big deal to me.

Michelle has serious skills and is a real pro at what she does. Prompt, accurate and fabulous to work with. She gets two thumbs way up and a big recommendation from me.

Line and substantive editing of blog posts

Fabeku Fatunmise

business awesomizer | suck exorcist | sonic alchemist

This is so good and thorough–you really did a great job! We should have met earlier, because you could have saved a ton of time and lots of headaches for me and my clients. You obviously have great attention to detail, and I will definitely use you again for my small clients who write their own copy.

Line editing of static web pages

Matthew Waite Barton

Online Marketing Consultant/Interactive Designer, Waite Creative

I love my blog category cheat sheet!

I honestly didn’t think you’d be willing to take on my giant, undulating piles of words—I mean, almost 900 blog posts, spanning 6 years? But I sure didn’t want to re-read them all myself…not to mention that brainstorming new categories for them all felt completely overwhelming.

Enter you and your super-organized brain. You not only read them all, you came up with post categories that made sense within the context of the entire blog as a whole, just like I wanted. I also liked the way you kept me in the loop the whole time and incorporated my feedback. This gave me a sense of ownership of the project even though you were doing the heavy lifting.

Then you created this awesome cheat sheet for me, with all the new category names and their descriptions, so that I could easily categorize all my future posts, too. I am SO excited to have this resource. And my blog is also heaving a giant sigh of relief at the thought of no longer being at the whims of my category randomness.

Organization and recategorization of blog posts

Jenny Ryan


Dear Ms. Russell,

I would like to thank you for your terrific editing on my manuscript. The turnaround was quick and I really felt that you entered into the “life” of the manuscript and critically improved it. Thanks for your perspective and outstanding work. You are on my team and I’ll be back.

Proofreading and line editing of academic paper

Nayak L. Polissar, Ph.D.

Consultant, The Mountain-Whisper-Light Statistical Consulting

Thank you for the excellent service you provided. If you would like a reference for any other potential clients, please don’t hesitate to list my name as a reference. I will be happy to tell them how pleased I am with your work.

Proofreading of one children’s book; synopsis of another

Gloria List


More references are available on request.

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